Alias of oneflow.vstack().

Stack tensors in tensors vertically (row wise).

This is equivalent to concatenation tensors in tensors along the first axis.

When there are tensors with dimension less than 2, these tensors will be reshaped by oneflow.atleast_2d() to 2-D tensors before stacking.

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tensors – (List[oneflow.Tensor]): sequence of tensors to stack


A Tensor

For example:

>>> import oneflow as flow
>>> x1 = flow.randn(2, 5)
>>> x2 = flow.randn(3, 5)
>>> flow.vstack([x1, x2]).shape
oneflow.Size([5, 5])
>>> x = flow.randn(5)
>>> flow.vstack([x, x]).shape
oneflow.Size([2, 5])